Residents of Cedar Creek enjoy a wonderful quality of life. To ensure that quality of life continues well into the future, many are considering the option of giving charitably to support the Community.

Now there is an easy way for you to support community betterment through the Cedar Creek Community Foundation. Cedar Creek established its affiliated fund with the Nebraska Community Foundation in December of 2000. Your tax-deductible gift to the Cedar Creek Community Foundation will be utilized for projects that benefit the entire community. It is truly an easy way to not only enhance the community but to enhance the quality of life of each and every citizen.

Recently, Cedar Creek received two Special Awards from the Nebraska Community Improvement Committee and the Governor of Nebraska for outstanding achievements in community and economic development. These outstanding community achievements could not have been realized without the generous support of community members like you.

How the Foundation Can Work For You

Through the Cedar Creek Community Foundation, you can play a vital role in the future of this area. All gifts are tax deductible and will be used for community betterment projects in an around the area. Projects that will benefit from the foundation include citizens cultural, recreational, civic, health, educational and other needs that enhance the quality of life in Cedar Creek. Donors may choose to give toward a specific project or make an unrestricted gift.

Opportunity to Give

The Cedar Creek Community Foundation provides an opportunity for individuals, foundations, partnerships, associations, governmental bodies, public or private corporations, and agencies to give: *gifts of cash,*gifts of appreciated property,*gifts of life insurance,*gifts by will or by trust,*gifts that provide income (charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust,*memorial gifts.

The Cedar Creek Community Foundation Fund is dedicated to the improvement and long term viability of the Community. The fund is governed by a board of directors that determines how donated funds are distributed to projects in the Cedar Creek area.

For general or donor information please contact the Village of Cedar Creek at (402)-234-7856.

                                                                            Thank you for your generous support.