MINUTES 2-03-04

The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met for a Public Hearing of the One and Six Year Street Program at 7:00 p.m., on February 3, 2004, at the Village Hall.  Advance notice of the Public Hearing was given by posting in the village and by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.  

The Public Hearing was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Bode.

All Board members were present. No comments were made on the proposed program. Motion by Rydl, second by
Muntz, to adopt the One and Six Year Street Program for the Village of Cedar Creek as prepared and presented by the Village Street Superintendent directing maintenance only. Roll call vote: Bode -yes, Stauffer -yes, Muntz -yes, Rydl -yes, Swenson -yes.  Motion by Stauffer to close the Public Hearing and enter into regular session. Second by Swenson.  All ayes.


Chair Bode called the regular session of the Board of Trustees to order at 7:05 p.m. All board members were present. Advance notice of the meeting, was given by posting in the village and publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.
Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to approve the minutes as written and published. All ayes.  



Account balances: Checking $25437.24, Money Market  $28669.93  Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50 Plattsmouth
Journal..113.32 OPPD Bldg..163.00 OPPD park..l0.00  OPPD Street lights..100.64 Alltel..52.50 Jefferson pilot
70.30 Cass County Sheriff..1214.88 B Reinsch..480.00 Earnies..2.31 R Moses 1675.00 JEO..279.50 Payroll..1769.25 

Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to approve the treasurer's report and pay all claims. All ayes.




The Cass County Sheriff's Department reported 78.56 hours of patrol were logged for Cedar Creek during the month of January.  There were five calls for service: medical Emergency, Arrest Warrant, Check Suspicious, Assist Rescue
Unit, Animal/Wildlife. "  


Notice received from Cass County Department of Roads, recommending all village regulatory signs be inspected for wear and to replace as needed. 


Letter from the Cass County Department of Roads, concerning the county per- forming the village street superintendent duties. JEO will continue as village certified street superintendent.  Notice from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, notifying of non-selection for funding from the Nebraska Green Space Stewardship. Grant funding had
been applied for landscaping at the village park.  Notice from the League Association of Risk management of an upcoming Workers Compensation Seminar.


Gene Stauffer requested a Park Meeting be held in March, to discuss Park Board membership, volunteers, the Easter Egg Hunt, and Cedar Creek Day. A date for the meeting will be scheduled and notice given.  




B. Reinsch informed the board, he would begin legal action against the cable franchise, if the unpaid franchise fee has not been paid before the March 2, 2004 meeting of the Board of Trustees.  

The board was given an update on legal issues regarding the case of Metzger vs. Village of Cedar Creek.


Park Board membership and Tree Board membership were discussed by the Board.  Due to resignations, a new Park Board and new Tree Board need to be appointed .  Appointments will be made at the March 2, 2004 meeting.  Interested residents should contact the village office or a board member before the 3-02-04 meeting.


A proposal from Display Sales, for renovation of existing Village Christmas Decorations, was reviewed by the board. In an effort to hold down spending, the decorations will not be renovated. OPPD will be requested to re-inspect the two outlets on poles at the corner of Olive and the south side of B Street.  The outlets did not work during the holiday season.  OPPD will also be requested to inspect a split pole on the north side of B Street.


All recommended ordinances, tabled to March 2004.




The board discussed Statewide Emergency System Addresses, which were pre-assigned by the Cass County Zoning Dept. with the approval of the Cedar Creek Board of Trustees. The board is in agreement, the assigned numbers are confusing and further work is required before the project is finalized.  

Unfinished 2003 agenda items were discussed by the board. Items to be considered further: Clearing of trash and trees from the Creek; Additional work on the Platte River Dike, including tree removal, rip rap, and completed guard rail; Dredging drainage ditches uptown and at park; Fire Department Reports; Park Pavilion Floor; Park Playground Surface; Water Access at the Park; Pine Wilt; Village maintenance projects.



Motion by Stauffer, second by Swenson, to pay from General Funds to the Cedar Creek Volunteer Fire Department, $1500 toward purchase of Air Pacs for the Department. All ayes. D. Muntz, representing the Cedar Creek Fire Dept.,

requested the insurance company be contacted in regard to a possible claim. Table to March.


There being no further business to come before the board, motion to adjourn was made by Stauffer. Second by muntz. All ayes.
Mary Terry
Municipal Clerk/Treasurer