The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., on August 5, 2003, at the Village Hall. Board members present: Bode,  Stauffer, Muntz, Rydl. Absent: Swenson.  Advanced notice of the meeting was given by posting in three public places in the village and by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.

Motion by Muntz, second by Stauffer, to approve the minutes of the 7/01/03 hearing of the Board of Adjustments, and the 7/01/03 meeting of the Board of Trustees. All ayes.


Account Balances: Checking $22,627.53, Money Market $32,428.69

Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50 Plattsmouth Journal..222.97  Alltel..62.96  OPPD park..10.00 OPPD building..116.00 OPPD street lights..100.64 Jefferson Pilot..61.05 Eagle Services..145.00   Viking Office Products..149.58  Stander Ace Hardware..7.98  Asphalt & Concrete Materials..3663.64  P Welte..471.60 League of NE Mun..1103.00  Cass County Sheriff..1214.88  B Reinsch..275.00  Shirts & More..161.00  D Newton..147.25  L Stauffer..366.58  S Leach..247.00   J Leach..1818.00  Payroll..1637.94

Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to approve the treasure's report and pay all claims. All ayes.  


As reported by the Cass County Sheriff's Department, 80.34 hours of patrol logged for Cedar Creek during the month of July. There were 13 calls for service: Accident, DWI, Alarm/Undetermined Cause, Alarm/False Malfunction, Disturbance/Load Activity, Civil Matter, Check Suspicious, Medical Emergency, Assist Citizen KLIV, Vandalism Building, Burglary/Residence/Forced, Telephone Harassment, Follow-up investigation. 


Request from the Southeast Nebraska Development District for support of the Affordable Housing Program.  At the recommendation of the Village Attorney, the village will pay the requested $100 to SENDD toward the program.

A survey received from the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee to examine governmental structure.

Notice of a program by the Pipeline Group and information on underground pipeline safety.

Letter from the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District and notice of financial assistance in stabilizing the south bank of the Platte River adjacent to Platteview Drive in Cedar Creek.


Dave Rydl reported, locations for new regulatory signs have been marked and Diggers Hotline has been notified.  Placement of the signs has begun.


Follow-up of violation notices to property owners at Lot #317 and Lot #284.  It was reported, some of the vehicles had been moved on Lot #317 and there have been no further complaints regarding the dogs running at large.  Pictures of the property will be reviewed at the September meeting.  The property owner of Lot #284 was present at the meeting with questions and concerns of why he received the letter, who had complained, why he was being singled out, and in his opinion the complaint came from a real estate agent who should be representing the real estate company for real estate sales not filing complaints agaist neighboring properties,  The board informed the property owner, he was not being singled out, the complaint was not made by a real estate agent, the complaint was made by Cedar Creek property owners and in accordance with village code a notice was required.  The complaint referred to the appearance of the property, unlicensed vehicles, and unlicensed trailers, all which are in violation of village code.  After a lengthy discussion between the board, the property owner, and others in attendance, the village attorney and the board agreed to table the issue to September, to review pictures, to inspect the property, and provide a list of any violations to the property owner.

Bill Reinsch reported, the law suit filed by Metzgers against the Village in Federal District Court, has been dismissed.  Metzgers have re-filed the suit in State District Court.  The village insurance carrier and legal services have been notified.

The cable franchise has been given written notice of the over due payment of the franchise fees.  The board will be notified when payment is received.


At the request of Jeff Leach, 3 additional loads of cold patch will be purchased to finish the patching of village streets.  The board and J. Leech discussed the condition of the village tractor and repairs needed.  The tractor will be repaired and used exclusively for patching projects.  Board members will compare prices of a heavy duty mower to purchase.  Table to September. 

Operation of the floodgate was discussed.  Dan Muntz will ask the Cedar Creek Fire Department  if they will take over the responsibility.

Notice was received, a grant application to the Department of Roads for Transportation Enhancement Funds to use towards park projects was not accepted.  Additional grant applications will be submitted to the Nebraska Game and Parks for considerations.


A replat of Lot # 1 and Lot #51 was approved by the Planning Commission on July 29th.  Motion by Muntz, second by Stauffer, to approve the Replat as presented.  All ayes.

Teri Metzger had requested to be on the agenda to discuss the Cedar Creek Web Site.  She was not present, item tabled.


Lot #1 Garage.  Approval given by the Planning Commission.  Motion by Muntz, second by Stauffer, approve on condition approval is recieved from the Village Floodplain Manager.  All ayes.

Lot #9 Diesel Lake     Dwelling.    Approval given by the Planning Commission.   Floodplain Manager will not consider the permit until a signed permit application is submitted.  Item tabled.

In other business, the board set August 26th at 4:30 p.m. for a budget workshop.

A resident in attendance, complained to the board of not allowing people to speak during the meeting.  The resident was informed by Chair Bode, all persons on the agenda are allowed to speak, those not on the agenda are given an opportunity to speak after all items of business are taken care of.

There being no further business to come before the board, motion by Stauffer to adjourn, second by Rydl. All ayes.


Mary C. Terry

Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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