The Cedar Creek Board of Adjustments met for a Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m., on July 1, 2003, at the Village Hall.  Notice of the hearing was given by posting in three public places in the village.  The notice stated the purpose of the Public Hearing to be to hear an appeal from Theresa Metzger of the denial by the Cedar Creek Board of Trustees for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a Paintball Course and Shop at 18605 114 Street.  The notice also stated, all persons desiring to give evidence before the board in support of or objection to the issuance of said Conditional Use Permit, may do so at the scheduled hearing.

The Public Hearing was called to order by Gene Stauffer, Chairman Board of Adjustments.  Roll Call: Stauffer present, Muntz present, Rydl present, Swenson present, Leach present, Bode, alternate member, present.  Stauffer stated the purpose of the hearing and informed those present, 10 minutes would be allowed for comments from the public.  Several persons spoke in favor of the permit, none were opposed to the permit.  Board members discussed safety issues, zoning, course bringing business to town, fire department approval, and planning commission approval.  Chairman Stauffer requested a vote from those in favor of granting a Conditional Use Permit for a Paintball Course and Shop to Theresa Metzger for a term of one year and in accordance with the amended course boundaries.  Roll call vote: Muntz - yes, Rydl - yes, Swenson - yes, Leach - yes, Stauffer - yes.  The Conditional Use Permit  will be in effect until July 1, 2004.

Motion by Rydl, second by Muntz, to adjourn the Public Hearing and to open the regular session of the Board of Trustees.  All ayes.


Chair, Gwen Bode, called to order the regular session of the board of Trustees at 7:25 p.m.  All board members were present.  Attorney Julie Bear substituted for Village Attorney Bill Reinsch.  Advanced notice of the meeting was given by posting in the village and by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.

Motion by Rydl, second by Muntz, to approve the 6/03/03 minutes. All ayes.


Account Balances: Checking $30,248.12, Money Market $32,375.43

Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50 Plattsmouth Journal..238.39   Alltel..56.23  OPPD park..10.00 OPPD building..116.00 OPPD street lights..100.64  Eagle Services..145.00 Twin River Por-To Service..300.00  Jefferson Pilot..61.05  Snow Dog Printing..26.10  JEO..150.00  Asphalt & Concrete Materials..2971.52  CC VFD..131.39  CC VFD..133.19  CC VFD..15.00  D Newton..281.13  G Bode..166.25  J Leach..1548.00  S Leach..294.50  L Stauffer..769.22, G Stauffer..587.01 Payroll..1789.37

Motion by Muntz, second by Stauffer, to approve the treasure's report and pay all claims. All ayes.


The Cass County Sheriffs Department reported 72.31 hours of patrol for Cedar Creek were logged during the month of June.  Calls for service were:  Suspicious Vehicle/RR Tracks, Suspicious Vehicle/Platteview Dr., Vandalism/Building, Gas Drive Off, Disturbance/Family Dispute, Suspicious Vehicle/Cedar Creek Rd., Med Emergency/Illness, Abandoned 911, Disturbance/Civil Dispute, Trespassing, Disturbance/Load Activity, Med Emergency, Lost Property, Assist Citizen/KLIV, Assist Citizen.  The Board requested the board requested the deputies enforce rules of no ATV's on the streets and in the park.  Questions were asked, from the public, as to why golf carts were allowed.  The village have no regulations against operation of golf carts, except that they be operated by a licensed driver.


Invitation from OPPD to attend the Annual South District Customer Luncheon Meeting on July 18th at Nebraska City.

Minutes of the 5-14-03 meeting of the lower Platte River Corridor Alliance.

Information on the Nebraska Materials Exchange Program.

Community Action Partnership notice of meeting on July 16th at Plattsmouth.

SENDD 2003 Activity Report and request for consideration of 2004 membership dues.


Gwen Bode, Emergency Management Liaison for Cedar Creek, informed the board of upcoming classes at the County Emergency Management Office.  Dan Muntz said he will be attending.

Gene Stauffer reported on Cedar Creek Day.  The day was well attended, there were 24 vendors at the Craft Show/Flea Market; many enjoyed the frog contests and the carnival games; the parade was one of the best; the car show, fun run, golf game, and bingo had good turn outs; the Fire Department served over 200 breakfasts and over 200 dinners; the water fight was entertaining; and the beer garden and dance had a fair attendance with no problems.  Appreciation is extended to all who volunteered their time to work at the event.


The board was notified, the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District has accepted the application for financial assistance from the village and will reimburse the village for fifty percent of the $14,394 cost of adding rip rap to the Platte River Dike.

Dave Rydl reported, he has all regulatory signs that are needed but the posts are missing and will need to purchase new posts.

The Village has been unable to contact Cable Direct in regard to the unpaid franchise fees.  Attempts will continue.


J. Leach requested additional cold patch and rock be ordered.  The board is in agreement, Jeff is doing a very good job in repairing village streets.

The board reviewed properties in noncompliance with village codes.  Those who have been notified of the violations and who remain in noncompliance, will be acted upon at the next board meeting.


Lot #89 Dwelling.  Approved by the Planning Commission on 6/24/03.  Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to approve the permit on condition approval is received from the Floodplain Manager.  All ayes

Lot #205 Enclosed Porch.  Approved by the Planning Commission on 6/24/03.  Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to approve the permit on condition approval is received from the Floodplain Manager.  All ayes

Lot #89 Dwelling.  Table until paper work received.

There being no further business to come before the board, motion by Muntz, second by Rydl, to adjourn. All ayes.


Mary C. Terry

Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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