NOVEMBER 4, 2003

The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., on
November 4, 2003, at the Village Hall. Board members present: Bode, Muntz ,
Rydl, Swenson. Absent: Stauffer. Advance notice of the meeting was given
by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal and by posting in three public
places in the Village.
Motion by Rydl, second by Swenson, to approve the minutes as written and
published. All ayes.


Account Balances: Checking $22,764.41, Money Market $28,584.38
Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50 OPPD building..116.00 OPPD park..10.00
OPPD street lights..100.64 Alltel..53.56 Plattsmouth Journal..125.39
Eagle Services..131.36 Jefferson Pilot Financial..64.75 Reliable Office
Supplies..117.00 Earnies..5.45 Cass County Sheriff..1214.88 B Reinsch
125.00 P Welte..224.70 D Newton..118.75 J Leach..936.00 L Stauffer
33.25 Payroll..1614.24
Motion by Muntz, second by Rydl, to approve the treasurer's report and pay
all claims. All ayes.


As reported by the Cass County Sheriff's Department: 94.94 hours of patrol
were logged for Cedar Creek during the month of October. There were nine
calls for service: Arrest Warrant Service, 2 Welfare Checks, Medical Emergency, Animal/Dog, Assist Citizen, 2 Civil Matters.


A check in the amount of $4800 was received from Ash Grove Cement Company.  The money has been designated for the installation of a concrete floor at the Village Park Pavilion, making the pavilion handicap accessible. The
donation was requested by Board Chairperson Gwen Bode with the assistance of Ken Fielding.

The Cass County Department of Roads requested information on Village Street 
expenditures in regard-to duties of a Street Superintendent for the Village. 


Chair Bode reported the Haunted Hallow was well attended and a success. The
event was organized by Rod & Lori Little, Jim &Carol Sautter, and Dave & Lori
Rydl, with many volunteers. A total of $1275 was raised and will be set aside
for Village Park improvements.

Bode announced, the Park Board will meet at 7:00 p.m., on November 13, 2003, at the Village Hall. Anyone interested in volunteering their time toward
future projects, are welcome to attend the meeting.


Attorney Bill Reinsch reported, on November 6th the Judge of the State District
Court will determine whether the Case of Metzger vs. Village of Cedar Creek will
be dismissed or will be scheduled to be heard. Reinsch informed the Board of
legal procedures to be followed and that the case has also been filed in the
Federal District Court. Legal representation for the Village is provided by
the village insurance group.

Bill Reinsch will follow-up on the request to Cable Direct for submittal of
the delinquent franchise fee. Table to December.

The Nebraska Forest Service recommends, to confirm the presence of Pine Wilt in a dying or dead pine, a 1 inch sample of wood should be taken from a
branch 3 inches or greater in diameter near the trunk. Samples should be
placed in a plastic bag, kept cool, and shipped or delivered to the Plant and
Pest Diagnostic Clinic, UNL, 448 Plant Science Ball, P.O. Box 830722, Lincoln,
Nebraska 68583-0722. Phone (402) 472-2559. All diseased trees are to be
removed, chipped ,burned, or buried, so that other trees do not become infected. Also, Village Code 1-616 states; All trees that are in a diseased,
dying, or dead condition are declared to be a public nuisance and shall be
removed by the property owner .

Board members and volunteers will meet at the Village Ball on November 15th
to repair the Street Christmas Decorations. Decorations that need extensive
repairs will be refurbished in 2004.

Dave Rydl completed a safety check of all playground equipment at the Village
Park on 10-25-03. He found all equipment to be in good condition and made
a recommendation to add 5 or 10 yards of sand under swings and around the
climbing equipment.

The Fire Department Life Insurance coverage increase is tabled to December,
awaiting a sample ordinance from Municipal Code Services.


Motion by Muntz, second by Rydl, to hire Jeff Leach to do minor street repairs
and maintenance jobs at $9.50 per hour. All ayes. The position will be
reviewed and negotiated in the Spring of 2004.


The Lake #2 Association requested permission to lay a pipe across Platteview
Drive near the corner of Platteview Drive and Sunset Drive, for the purpose
of removing dredged material from Lake #2 to the open field. All necessary
permits have been obtained by the association and the pipe will be positioned
so as not to disturb traffic. Motion by Bode, second by Swenson, to grant
permission to lay the pipe as requested. All ayes.

In other business: The board was informed there are three new Volunteer
Firemen, Jeff Kearns, Justin Peacock, and Paul Langford. A Public Hearing will
be held on 12-02-03, at 7:00 p.m., immediately prior to the regular meeting,
to consider a Class C liquor license for Maria's Lighthouse. Notice will be

There being no further business to come before the board, motion by Muntz to
adjourn, second by Swenson, all ayes.

Mary Terry
Municipal Clerk/Treasurer