The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in regular session, at 7:00 p.m., on September 3, 2002,   at the Village Hall. Board members present: Reynolds, Bode, Rydl . Absent: Stauffer, and Swenson . Advanced notice of the meeting was given by posting in the Village and by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.

Motion by Bode, second by Rydl, to approve the minutes of the 8-06-02 Special Meeting and 8-06-02. All ayes. 


Account Balances: Checking $Not Given, Money Market $Not Given

Claims: Rural Water #3..41.00  Plattsmouth Journal..293.61 Alltel..57.45 OPPD park..10.00 OPPD building..119.00 OPPD street lights..100.64 Eagle Services..140.00 Jefferson Pilot Financial..59.20 NAPA..45.48 Ace Hardware..46.20  Viking Office Products..168.46  Cass County Sheriff..1214.88   B Reinsch ..125.00 City of Louisville..2000.00 L Stauffer..47.66   Payroll..2163.44  

Motion by Rydl, second by Bode, to approve the treasure's report and pay all claims.  All ayes.  The board discussed a cost estimate for installing a sandpoint at the village park to be used for watering of the trees and gardens.  Item tabled to October.


Deputy Rice of the Cass County Sheriff's Department, reported seven calls for service were logged for Cedar Creek during the month of August: Sexual Assault, Disturbance/Family Dispute, Animal/Dog, Animal/Livestock, Medical Emergency, Assist other agency, Property Damage.


JEO Consulting Group, notice of position changes within the JEO staff which will affect the position of Cedar Creek Street Superintendent.  New appointments will be made in  October.

Nebraska Department of Revenue information on major 2002 legislative changes directly affecting Nebraska tax programs.

UNL College of Engineering & Technology, advice on managing road access in the community.


Notice will be given to the three trash haulers serving the community, Village Code 6-202 requires each business to file a contract with the village for continuation of services.  Table to October.

The Galaxy/Cable Direct Franchise was discussed by the board.  Galaxy has not responded to the village request for payment of the franchise fee and service problems remain.  At the request of the board and village attorney, other cable companies will be contacted to determine if there is an interest in the franchise.  Item tabled to October.

The Burn Pile was not burned by the Fire Department because of rain.  The Fire Department will be requested to set another date for the burn.

The amount of rip-rap to purchase for the Platte River Dike has not been determined.  It was also noted, several trees must be removed from the dike before the rip-rap is added.  Item tabled.

Motion by Bode, second by Rydl, to approve the Rescue Agreement with Louisville under the same conditions as last year.  All ayes.

The Cass County Department of Roads have offered to include village street projects with the county projects in letting a contract.  The combined projects would result in lower total cost for both the village and the county.  Randy Wilkins will be requested to attend the October board meeting to discus the issue further.


The board will hold the Public Hearing for the Budget at 7:00 p.m., on September 16, 2002 at the Village Hall.


Dave Rydl inspected all the playground equipment at the Village Park and found no broken or damaged parts.  He recommends additional sand be added to the surface of the playground.  The sand will be added after landscaping timbers are installed around the perimeter of the playground.

The maintenance employee reported repairs were needed on the tractor.  The necessary repair parts will be purchased and repairs are to be completed by the maintenance employee.


Lot #165 Addition to Dwelling

Approved by the Planning Commission.  Letter received from owner of the Lot # 164 stated there were no objections to building 5 feet from the lot line.  Motion by Bode, second by Rydl, to approve the permit on condition approval is given by the Floodplain Manager.  All ayes.

Lot # 136 Addition to Garage

Approved by the Planning Commission.  Motion by Rydl, second by Bode, to approve the permit on condition approval is given by the Floodplain Manager.  All ayes.

Lot # 199 Addition to Dwelling

Approved by the Planning Commission.  Motion by Bode, second by Rydl, to approve the permit on condition approval is given by the Floodplain Manager.  All ayes.

Lot # 1 Garage

Approval with an easement was recommended by the Planning Commission.  The Board, Village Attorney, and the property owner discussed at length the importance of following regulations and non-compliance of the planned project.  Attorney Reinsch advised the board to not allow building on the property line for a number of reasons; At a minimum the property line should be surveyed and any easement must be in form of a legal document with correct names, notarized and be a permanent easement which would carry over to all future owners.  Motion by Rydl, for the owner to re-draw the plans, have the property surveyed, and re-submit to the board for approval.  Second by Bode.  All ayes.

There being no further business to come before the board, motion made by Rydl, to adjourn.  Second by Bode.  All ayes.


Mary C. Terry, Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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