The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in regular session, at 7:00 p.m., on April 2, 2002,   at the Village Hall. All board members were present.  Advanced notice of the meeting was given by posting in the village and by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal.

Motion by Swenson, second by Stauffer, to approve the minutes of the 3-05-02 public hearing and the 3-05-02 regular session.  All ayes.


Account Balances: Checking $25,188.50, Money Market $31,897.00               Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50  Plattsmouth Journal..99.59  Alltel..63.16  OPPD park..10.00  OPPD building..119.00  OPPD street lights..100.64  Jefferson Pilot..59.20  US Postal Service..195.20  NAPA..4.32  Snow Dog Printing..17.50  Springfield Insurance..50.00  P Koehler..800.00  P Koehler..1708.00  R Moses..425.00  l Stauffer..171.56  B Reinsch..215.00  Cass Co Sheriff..1214.88  Stander Ace Hardware..19.96  Payroll1763.21

Motion by Stauffer, second by Swenson, to approve the treasurer's report and pay all claims.  All ayes.  Motion by Stauffer, second by Bode, to purchase one additional flag and one additional pole, to be mounted on the existing pole on the north side of the bridge. All ayes.  In other related business, the board approved electrical repairs at the hall, approved delivery of a handicap port-a-pot to the village park, approved purchase of regulatory and traffic signs, and request the Dept. of Roads be contacted in regard to sweeping B Street.


Sheriff Bill Brueggemann and Captain Dave Lamprecht were present at the meeting.  Captain Lamprecht reported 68.04 hours of patrol were logged for Cedar Creek during the month of March.  There were six calls for service: Arrest Warrant Services, Death/Natural Cause, Criminal Mischief, Welfare Check, Telephone Offense, and Disturbance.  Questions from residents included the legality of ATV's and golf carts on village streets.  The residents were informed, ATV's are not allowed on any village streets by village ordinance and by state law.  The Village Attorney will research laws regarding the use of golf carts on public streets and report back to the board at the May meeting.


Letter received from the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, allowing for the automatic renewal of Ault's Liquor License.

Copy of the Village Newsletter mailed to residents in March.

JEO Newsletter.

Participation in the Great American Cleanup Program.  Required information will be forwarded to Keep Nebraska Beautiful.

Notice of a Growth Strategies Conference in Omaha on April 12.


Gene Stauffer reported the Easter Egg Hunt was a big success.  Eighty Five children participated, donations increased from last year allowing 659 prizes to be purchased for the event.


The condition of the village streets was discussed at length by the board.  Cost estimates and options were reviewed.  A motion was made by Bill Swenson to begin the information collection process, which might culminate in the resurfacing of the streets in Cedar Creek.  No second.  The Village Engineer and a representative of Ameritas will be requested to attend the May 7th meeting to discuss street improvements and funding of such.  Cold patch has been ordered to complete necessary temporary repairs.  Item tabled to May.

Two cost estimates from engineers to complete a No Rise Certificate for adding rip rap to the Platte River Dike, were received.  Motion by Stauffer, second by Swenson, to accept the proposal by Howard Christian of River Pros, at an approximate cost of $200 to $400 for completion of the certificate.  All ayes.

Housing code violations on Lot #100 were discussed.  Attorney Reincsh informed the board, the owner of Lot #100 had contacted him and intends to sell the property.  The owner will be informed, unless violations have been corrected or the property sold before the May 7th Board Meeting, legal action will be taken.  Item tabled to May.

Chairman Reynolds recommended to monitor the improvements on Lot #284 and remove the item from continued monthly agenda items.  Second by Stauffer.  All ayes.


Cedar Creek Cleanup Week is scheduled to be held April 19 - 26.  Waste Management and Allied Refuse have been requested to submit prices for containers and hauling.  No reply has been received.  Board members will be contacted when prices are received.


The board was informed the annual village audit has been completed and is on file.  Also, the final keno audit has been completed and is on file.  Attorney Reinsch will contact Four Sons, Inc. for collection of one half the cost of the keno audit.

Motion by Stauffer, second by Swenson, to accept the three year proposal by Paul Koehler, C.P.A., for auditing and budget preparation of the village accounts.  All Ayes.

The board was informed of items missing from the village garage.  At the recommendation of the board, a new lock will be installed.  The board also discussed changing locks on the hall due to the large number of unaccounted for keys.  Do not duplicate keys will be numbered and issued through a sign out sheet.

There being no further business to come before the board, motion made by Bode to adjourn.  Second by Swenson.  All ayes.

Mary C. Terry, Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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